Thursday, April 11, 2013

Party at the Park

I had planned a fun birthday weekend and family party for Rachel but as the weekend got closer I decided to throw an impromptu "Party at the Park".  It was so fun to invite all of Rachel's little friends! I couldn't believe they brought presents! Especially since I called them all just two days before. Talk about making a girl feel special. Thank you so much everyone!

This picture is hilarious!!! 
Rachel was so concerned about Maggie blowing out her candles. Gotta say, I don't blame her. haha!
 photo DSC_1294_zps88219984.jpg
Happy Birthday Rachel Lynn!!!
 photo DSC_1297_zps0d4a8f42.jpg
I have a four year old. How crazy awesome is that! 
She's getting so big and beautiful!
 photo DSC_1304_zpsbd8a9f4e.jpg
Maggie had such a hard time all week with Rachel getting a birthday. Maggie would constantly exclaim, "It's my birthday too!" - "I'm three!" 
Rachel would correct her and of course crying would follow. It's hard to watch your sister have a birthday without you. 
But, I was so happy to see her so excited for Rachel! (And cupcakes, of course)
 photo DSC_1305_zpsfc506b85.jpg
I asked Rachel if she'd like me to help her read her birthday card. She said "No, I can read it myself."
It says, "Abi and Rachel will be best friends forever. Flowers are beautiful. Happy Birthday Rachel!"
I love you too Rachel! And it's true- flowers ARE beautiful. 
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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Rachel!! I still can't believe our girls are four!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel! I love how excited Maggie is for her and the card she "read" haha

Anonymous said...

What a PERFECT 4th Birthday celebration! I'm sure she loved every minute of it! :) Happy Birthday Miss Rachel!

Kate said...

Four?! Oh my. She's growing so fast. How fun to be a mom and to get to throw birthday parties at the park.

Mary Anne said...

Ha ha...the hand in the face. I want Sadie to have a sister SO BAD! Nothing like it. What a cute card, and even cuter what Rachel said.