Thursday, January 8, 2015


I'm going to begin with a little disclaimer. I've become the worst blogger on the face of the planet. It makes me so sad, and I HAVE to fix this! As start of a new year I'm ready to get back to it! So, any of you reading this... feel free to remind me of this resolution at any given time I'm being a blog slacker! Thanks! xoxo ~Jess

I'm so behind! But it's finally happening! 
Although this was a few months ago it STILL makes me feel like crying. 
I know. I'm pathetic. But I'm so happy in my patheticness. I love this boy so much!
 photo DSC_4161_zpse3a55c5d.jpg
We had cupcakes at the park with some friends! It was a good time and Luke loved the cupcakes!
 photo DSC_4173_zpsc679a350.jpg
So yummy! 
And I'm not talking about the cupcake. ;)
 photo DSC_4168_zpsb7e07097.jpg
Swing faces are the BEST!
 photo DSC_4182_zpse88d5745.jpg
 photo DSC_4190_zps128ace7a.jpg
Here's my attempt at his one year old pictures.
It seemed like it took FOREVER to get out there and take these. And 
afterwards I decided they weren't good enough and that I'd have to try again. 
And then it seemed to rain on all the good days to do it. And then someone got sick... 
And then I didn't do it. Sad. But at least I have these!
The fascinating world on a one year old...
 photo DSC_5133copy_zps8d230fe9.jpg
"Mom, what are all these pumpkins doing here?! Did you really think it'd be cute to pose with the pumpkins?"
Sheesh. Tough crowd.
 photo DSC_5098copy_zpsa2daf1d6.jpg
Back to the railroad tracks... Love those little balancing arms...
 photo DSC_5124_zps5048437e.jpg
If he knew I got a good one of him next to the pumpkins he'd probably start 
crying right now! Hahaha! Sucker!!! 
 photo DSC_5068copy_zps7313bd1a.jpg
Daddy knows how to get the best smiles...
 photo DSC_5139_zps2db6ffb4.jpg
Hey! Where do you think you're going?
Come back here so I can kiss you!!!
 photo DSC_5103_zpse73efc32.jpg
Little toes, little hands
Little Boy.
 photo DSC_5153copy_zpsb6747d13.jpg
Theres that Luke smile!
 photo DSC_5227_zpsea223e10.jpg
He was just learning to clap around this time. 
And I love the light in his eyes...
 photo DSC_5223_zpsa6af7f7f.jpg
 photo DSC_5226_zps1809969c.jpg
That look! I think he's gonna be sneeky one of these days... 
 photo DSC_5244_zpsc5ede391.jpg
The photographer caught several pictures of me trying to make Luke happy during our 
family pictures. He was such a stinker that night. 
I thought I'd include of few of the ones of just me and Luke...
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne016_zpsf7d65ef3.jpg
Those eyes!!! SO BIG AND BLUE!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne017_zps96dc4787.jpg
Luke found an airplane!!!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne024_zps2c92b764.jpg
Happy Birthday my son! You'll never know how much I love you!!!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne026_zps16450eb8.jpg photo Untitled-L1_zpsa46c3a59.jpg

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