Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Born to Fly

We went to a Who-ville parade in Georgetown back in December.
It was crazy crowded!
We told the kids they could pick ONE ride/activity to do... and they picked the bouncer bouncy thingy.
So we got in line and waited.
Who knew the most perfect baby light would come out while we were in line?
This Momma ain't complaining!
Gosh, I love this. The hat, the plug, the furrowed brow... perfect.
 photo DSC_6179copy_zps644e5385.jpg
There's a little smile hiding behind that plug... sweet boy...
 photo DSC_6183copy_zps34058084.jpg
Took a break from the long line and played in the leaves for a while...
 photo DSC_6156copy_zps5406da07.jpg
Finally after about an hour it's Maggie's turn to FLY!
She was surprisingly timid- I think the harness thing made her nervous at first. :)
 photo DSC_6213copy_zps13739412.jpg
Rachel Lynn however was a champ! Daddy gave her a pep talk about trying a flip 
and by golly she did it! There's a heap of determination behind those root beer eyes of hers. 
 photo DSC_61883_zpsbf626af5.jpg
She was born to FLY!
 photo DSC_6191copy_zpsbe036fa5.jpg

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