Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas Cookie Deliveries

So I about died doing Christmas cookies this year! I don't know what it was but it was CRAZY! 
Despite the craziness, the kids LOVED it like they always do and it was a blast.
Instead of decorating pictures this year, I decided on delivery pictures (just to mix it up!).

The girls got all dressed up in their pretty Christmas dresses and raced to every door... there were some skinned knees! The girls about started wrestling in the walkway to beat the other one to the doorbell! Goodness Gracious! 
 photo DSC_6377copy_zps59f5dd74.jpg
They still love each other though... almost can't tell that anyone was bawling before this shot! haha!
 photo DSC_6386copy_zps49eddf7b.jpg
One more shot of my Christmas girls! 
 photo DSC_6391copy_zps8d75a96e.jpg
And then Tyler took some of me and Luke that I think turned out cute! 
Yay! Thank you sweetie!
Baby in a cable knit sweater? Ummm YES!
 photo DSC_6407copy_zps00c0c17f.jpg
I kiss him....
A lot. ;)
And it's better than a Christmas cookie. 
Just sayin.
 photo DSC_6363copy_zps3cdd8e72.jpg

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Too funny- peace????