Thursday, January 15, 2015

Family Pictures November 2014

Saying that I've been excited to have professional photos taken is a huge understatement. 
I looked forward to this for so dang long!!! 
There are so many obstacles for me when it comes to getting pictures taken. 

1. I'm a photographer. Or I like to call myself one. HA! And paying to have someone do something I can do is just hard.
2. Timing. Timing. Timing. With a growing family timing is everything. It's hard work getting this baby weight off and I want to look my best. So shot me?! There's a window of opportunity around here until my cheeks and ankles blow up again. Just saying.
3. Finding the perfect photographer. This is tricky. As a photography enthusiast myself I've got to find someone whose style I love. There are lots of photography flavors out there.
4. Outfits. Oh the coordination and planning it takes. I spend a lot of time with this.
5. Money. It all adds up.

Because of several or all of these reasons at the same time, we have NEVER gotten pictures taken. Not since our wedding day anyway. And I can't tell you how pleased I am with them. 
It was worth jumping all those hurdles. :)

I'm going to be honest with you. When I got these pictures back--- I cried. 
"I look awful!!!" I exclaimed to Tyler. His reply- "You're insane. These are the best pictures ever."
Then I took a closer look! By golly they are! 
Perfection right here folks. The light, the colors, the lack of tantrums! WOW!
My eyes go straight to Luke's before anything else when I look at this picture. 
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne002_zps016e85a1.jpg
My two beautiful girls!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne006_zps88488969.jpg
Oh how blessed they are to have eachother... 
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne005_zpsda550508.jpg
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne004_zps4a01b808.jpg
Miss Rachel Lynn
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne009_zpsc8c9bbe1.jpg
Those chocolatey brown eyes... 
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne007_zpsdd239c6f.jpg
This one has got to be my favorite of her! Such a beauty!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne008_zps50ddeef7.jpg
Miss Maggie Ila
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne013_zpsc170983b.jpg
I love her from the tip top of her head down to her toes...
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne011_zpsb2c4cc68.jpg
This one is stunning. That is all.
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne010_zps47ae8209.jpg
I love how this one turned out!!!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne003_zpsda23bf09.jpg
Luke was a stinker. 
The whole time!!! 
I couldn't believe she managed to capture a few good ones with this boy! haha!
He's lucky he's so darn cute!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne015_zps50ea5090.jpg
I spent the majority of my time trying to get Luke in the game... 
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne018_zps63cac3a5.jpg
Good thing I stashed a few pop-tarts. haha!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne017_zps96dc4787.jpg
BABY! My baby! Baby baby baby! 
Babies make me happy. 
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne025_zps95618d19.jpg
Look at our little family! 
I can't believe this is us! Time sure flies.
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne019_zps5b221680.jpg
I get to spend eternity with these beautiful people!!! 
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne020_zps44adf7c9.jpg
This is my favorite family picture. 
It's going on the wall. 
The end.
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne021_zps5a98a887.jpg
Momma and her girls!!! 
I think I look goofy in this one. I think I was in the middle of a sentence or something.
But my sweeties are so beautiful!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne022_zps671e92f3.jpg
There's a untaming pride that comes when I look at these pictures... 
Me and my girls. Having girls has brought me so much joy. I'm certain we were and will always be best friends. The playing, the cooking, the shopping, the sewing, the dancing, the chick-flick watching, the wedding planning, the baby rocking, the late night talks... Pride. Just pride. 
I'm sticking with these girls through thick and thin!
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne023_zpse0c27f2c.jpg
Me and my Man... 
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne027_zps67210470.jpg
My rock and eternal companion, 
We've built this family together. Thanks you for all you're love, devotion, and hard work.
The best is yet to come.
Your woman
 photo 14_11_24JessPayne030_zpsb6948ef0.jpg


Josh and Denise said...

Stunning! Absolutely stunning!

Pop and Nana said...

Stunning yes! And just beautiful! Your writing sets up your emotion and love perfectly! Thank you soooo much for sharing! Nana and Pop

Cami Jensen said...

Gorgeous! Love you and your sweet family!

William said...

Tears again! Such a talent with writing