Friday, January 23, 2015

A Cake all to Himself

Luke had no problem digging right in!
One chocolatey chocolate cake all to himself...
 photo DSC_4350copy_zps7528a21d.jpg
He kept giving us these extremely guilty looks as he was eating...
He's got that guilty look down pat.
Foreshadowing of whats to come perhaps?
 photo DSC_4370copy_zpsf5232141.jpg
nom nom nom
 photo DSC_4377copy_zps8ad23a53.jpg
Oh those grubby little fingers! Love them!
 photo DSC_4397copy_zps5b3b2197.jpg
Luke, you are the icing on my chocolate cake!!! 
Happy Birthday little dude!
 photo DSC_4396copy_zps99381f58.jpg

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