Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Donut Dude

Sometimes we surprise the kids with donuts on Saturdays.
They all squeal like little piggys when they see that chocolate sprinkle donut!
 photo DSC_5601copy_zps6edf2bb5.jpg
Those eyes... {sigh}... he has no idea what he does to me!
 photo DSC_5627copy_zpscda3a580.jpg photo DSC_5623copy_zps747dca5a.jpgDonuts are a "GO!" for this little dude! 
Maybe he'll make a good cop like his Pop and Uncle one day... 
He's already got the donut eating down pat! And that is after all the main requirement right!?!?!
 photo DSC_56223copy_zpse0e95ffc.jpg


Anonymous said...

Jessica! I just love reading your blog! I love seeing how much your kids have grown and how beautiful your family is. Thanks for always posting such fun and uplifting posts! You truly have an amazing family, thanks for being a great example to us. :)

Pop and Nana said...

That Luke passed the first phase of police officer selection! He loves donuts!!! And he sure is having some fun!

Jess Payne said...

Holly! This made me cry! Thank you so much! And congrats on your sweet jacob!!! He is perfect!