Sunday, January 18, 2015

Different Wiring

The girls frequently go and pick flowers from our front yard.
They've been picking flowers since they could crawl.
Luke starts swatting a bush...
 photo DSC_5355copy_zps022b3f3e.jpg
Then he spots something...
 photo DSC_5357copy_zpsb55fcfe7.jpg
I went over to see what he spotted... A sprinkler head! hahahaha!
Forget those dumb flowers!
Boys ARE wired differently.
Such a boy and I love him!!! 
 photo DSC_5358copy_zps186e6e44.jpg

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Josh and Denise said...



But seriously! It's too true!

I also remember your girls lovingly catching butterflies-sometimes with so much love they would squish them to death. Ooops!