Friday, January 30, 2015

A Popsicle in Each Hand

Tuesday morning was nice and quiet. 
Just me and the Lukeman.
We played and ate lunch together.
And then I brought out the popsicles.
One for me and one for him.
He enjoyed his, but kept staring longingly at mine.
The stares turned to grunts and the grunts turned to cries.
Before I knew it Luke had two popsicles and I had none.
And that's okay because now I have these pictures, and I will treasure them forever.

He's the cutest!!!
 photo DSC_7237copy_zps39a6dd7c.jpg
HEY! You've got my popsicle!!! 
Momma can't deny those eyes...
 photo DSC_7354copy_zpsed556344.jpg
Lick the orange one- lick the purple one....
 photo DSC_7337_zps3d525a7f.jpg
Hey buddy!
 photo DSC_7307_zps149616c7.jpg
This one makes my heart melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July...
 photo DSC_7299copy_zpsb3857813.jpg
We love Popsicles!!!! 
 photo DSC_7327copy_zpsd02a2877.jpg
You can take my popsicle any time. 
 photo DSC_7292copy_zps23a9360f.jpg


Josh and Denise said...

He really is the cutest! And he has the best hair!!!

Sarah said...

I agree with Denise! Such a cutie and the most adorable smile!