Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Ferocious Dixie Dog

Dixie tries to be ferocious with her deep, rumbling dog bark, and her proud, defensive stance...
But we know she's nothing but a big softie.
It's been a year since we've had Dixie and if I could go back I wouldn't change a thing.
We love her SOOO much!
While I got started on Maggie's hair this morning, Rachel decided to give Dixie a hair-do.
I heard endless and quite  hysterical laughing coming from downstairs and decided to check it out....  
 photo DSC_1591 copy_zpsrlvouzbx.jpg
Luke wants in on the action and is pretty territorial about Dixie! haha!
"Get off her! She's mine!"
We love you Dixie dog!
Now come here Miss Rachel and let me do YOUR hair! :)
 photo DSC_1592 copy_zpslp7byxm9.jpg

1 comment:

Cami Jensen said...

That headband makes Dixie look like the dog on Peter Pan!