Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preschool Thursdays

For the past couple of months a friend and I have been getting our kids together for Preschool Thursdays. It's nothing fancy, but I've found that Rachel does so much better learning with a friend. We love having Maden over to play!!! 
We got crazy this past Thursday and made shapes and letters in shaving cream...     
The kiddos loved it! It's funny how with some activities I try to go all out and prepare which usually turns out pretty good, but then all I do is go out and buy a can of shaving cream and it's a favorite. 
You just never know what activities will hit home with your children.
They have so much fun together. Rachel even mentioned Maden in a prayer the other day. 
Rachel, like her mother, has a constant need to connect with people and make friends. 
Things really got crazy when we added food coloring! 
Letters, shapes, numbers, and colors all in one can of shaving cream... 
We are already looking forward to next Thursday.

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