Friday, September 21, 2012

Labor Day

It's always a nice surprise when little holiday weekends like Labor Day appear. Not that life with little ones changes on Labor Day, but at least its a good excuse to grill, break out the kiddie pool, and buy a pineapple.  She loves having control of that hose. I mean who doesn't feel all powerful with a water hose in their hands? haha... 
Hooray! We're playing in the kiddie pool... for like the hundredth time! 
And it still gets the same reaction...
Don't get me wrong, these two sure can throw down, but they also have so much fun playing together.
It makes my Mommy heart so happy to see them have so much fun together. 
Best Buds...
Hey! Hey! Hey! That was my chair! 
Should I even bother trying get my chair back? That look means business! 
What a stinker! I had to go grill anyway... something I've gotten pretty darn good at since Tyler left.
 Still though, I don't think I'll ever have him beat on that one.
Happy very very late Labor Day ya'll! One day I'll catch up! ;)

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Sutherland Family said...

I miss their little faces!

It just occurred to me how fun it must be for Tyler to see the blogposts if for no other reason than to see them grow and develop, and in slow motion. Your frequent posts help him be part of their lives so he will know them - really know them because he has lived this year virtually with them - when he returns.

Love you guys!