Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Victory

Shut the front door. Shut the back door. Just shut the door! Who pooped in the potty? 
This girl did.
And she flushed...
Girls that poop in the potty get their nails painted...
And they get a lip gloss ring...
While we were at story time a few months ago a little girl had on a lip gloss ring. Rachel followed her around everywhere! I found the perfect potty reward, and it worked.
And of course we went on a Mommy-Daughter date out for ice cream! We were excited! Pretty sure we called everyone telling them that Rachel pooped in the potty. haha! 
For those Mommies out there about to take the plunge, let me tell you something- I bought her panties for her second birthday. Yep, they were sitting in her dresser for exactly 11 and a half months before I actually started potty training. I was so self conscience about this! But it was perfect timing for Rachel. Things were just so crazy! Now that her Daddy has been gone for a while, it seemed like the right time to go for it! And she's done great. My two cents- do it when you think they're ready for it, not when you want them to be ready for it. It was a really long week, but totally worth it. 
Victory tastes good.


Britney R. said...

Yay Rachel! I wanted to get Pierce trained before Reagan was born (she's one now and we're still working on it)! Good advice about waiting until they're ready. Pierce was doing great until he developed a fear of all toilets. I like seeing what little Rachel is up to! 3 is a fun age so far for us and it looks like it is for you too!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! To both of you actually. I just watched a friend go through potty training week and I can honestly say it's as much a victory for the mom as it is for the little one! So yay Jessica and Rachel!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Go Rachel! And Go Jessica for surviving! :) And by-the-way, I too am a Newsies junkie! ;) Congrats to both of you for getting through potty training!!

Mary Anne said...

Celebrate those victories! We should have ice cream parties whenever anyone goes poop in the potty. Wouldn't life be awesome? Good job Rachel!