Sunday, April 15, 2012


It's the Potty training post!!! Aren't you excited? I sure am!

I'm telling you, I was a wreck the night before I decided to start this potty training journey. I was determined to start and not go back. I was at Walmart until eleven o' clock buying whatever I deemed "potty training worthy" the night before. Anything so that we wouldn't have to go to the store for the whole week. Obviously, I was over thinking it. I'm such a dork sometimes. 
Speaking of dork, the morning of the first potty training day the words of "Seize the Day" from the old musical "The Newsies" was playing over and over again in my mind. Finally, I just started belting out the words in the shower before the girls woke up. It was my brother and I's favorite of all the musicals my Mom loves to watch. Who doesn't love the Newsies? Seriously, it's a classic. A butch of dudes breaking out into song and doing back flips in the street. Now that's entertainment folks.

ahem.. cough, cough (clears throat)... here goes nothing...
in song:
Open the gates and seize the day!
Don't be afraid and don't delay!
Nothing can break us, no one can make us 
Give our rights away
Arise and seize the DAY!

Proud and definate
We'll slay the giant!
Let us seize the day!!!

how'd I do? A little pitchy? I'll work on that. Awesome lyrics though huh?

I had to humor myself and look it up on youtube. It's blurry, but I couldn't resist putting in this post. Watch it!!! Entertainment, I'm telling you...
Open the gates and SEIZE THE DAY!!!
Here we go! We're ready!

The motivation...
Let me give you a little break down on how I did this... 
I bought and lot of junk food and soda pop. 
We drank and drank.
And we went and sat on the potty
It was a really long day.
Motivated and Hydrated Rachel... we can do this!!!
Washing those hands... and yes, she hung out in nothing but panties and a t-shirt for about 4 days straight...
And we watched a lot of movies... in her glass slippers of course...  
This is how most of our day looked...
Potty training is hard work I tell ya! Good thing we had treats! Maggie and I got a treat every time Rachel tinkled in the potty too!
Learned this lesson the hard way... buy waterproof mattress covers before you start potty training- good to know.
The stickers were a hit! She was such a booger! She'd hold herself and go potty just a little bit- get a sticker- and then go straight back to the potty to get another sticker. This went on and on. I didn't want to break her excitement, so I just went along with it. At least she was happy going potty right? Eventually I cut it off, but I was just doing a dance every time she went myself! haha! It was a party!
But of course, the enthusiam wore off... oh dear, we had a lot of tearful potty trips as well...
And we had a lot of accidents that first week. Every time she had an accident we'd pratice with all her babies and toys. We'd take them to the potty, wipe their bottoms, and wash their hands. We still do it! It is the best idea, and it works! Nothing like repetition... 
Our first time to venture outside the house in PANTIES! It's not a very good picture, but her pants sure don't fit her like they used to! haha!

More potty training adventures to come.


Sutherland Family said...

I love all of your posts. But I love, love, LOVE this one!! I love it so much probably because I've lived it...many years ago...but your post reminded me! I especially loved when the enthusiasm wore off. I'm telling you...these kids are all about teaching US patience! I wish someone woulda told me that and maybe I woulda only had dogs!

Can't wait to see you in four days!

Patrick & Amber said...

Way to go! I've been wanting to start, but just can't convince myself to do it yet!

Mary Anne said...

You DID IT!! Ah it is so hard to see past those first learning moments when things seem crazy...but then before you know it they are going all by themselves and not even telling you. A big high five to the whole family. That's a team effort for sure!