Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At the end of a long, hard day...

Grandma Payne can always count on a little "beautification and relaxation" from Miss Rachel.

In the late afternoon Rachel will quietly slip into Grandma's room to see if she's in her chair studying.
She is!
Quickly she will scamper to the bathroom where she loads up each pointer finger with  eyeshadow. Then she grabs the brush and mirror.

"Look here Grandma" she says as she rubs each finger across Grandma's eyelids.
Without hesitation she moves on to the next step. 
"Grandma, will you take out your ponytail?"
She (sometimes softly) gets both sides and the back.

I'm pretty sure that both of them look forward to their "beautification and relaxation" time every day.

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