Friday, April 27, 2012

Just A Little Sunshine

I have a confession. I love love love getting pedicures. Manicures I could take or leave, but pedicures are the best. Every time I get the urge all I can think of is twenty-five bucks going down the drain. A complete waste of money. After all they don't last forever. But, it's kind of like buying flowers. That's also completely impractical seeing as they only last about week. Oh but to have fresh, colorful, happy flowers dancing on the kitchen countertop! The thought of it brightens my day. The same goes for getting my toes done; it's just a little sunshine. Then there's the ole, "My husband is deployed, so I can do what I want!" standby. I know, I'm bad. Put me in the corner. 

 My amazing Nana babysat while Denise and I went to the nail salon. When we got back I found this... yep, Rachel was taking a nap on the chair. This NEVER happens! I asked my Nana how she did it and she said, "I just told her to lay down and rest and she fell asleep." My jaw dropped. It's that simple huh? {said dripping in sarcasm} sheesh.
So peaceful... even with all the camera clicking going on around her. She must be used to that sound, haha...
You can hardly see it, but we brought Nana a big ole' route 44 Sonic drink. Gotta love Sonic happy hour. 
When I meet people at church and they put two and two together and realize that this beautiful woman in MY Nana, they always say how beautiful and classy she always looks. It's true, my Nana always looks gorgeous.
Pretty toes!
It didn't take long for Rachel to wake up with all those slushy, slooshy Sonic drinks around.
Denise just recently got married, and Rachel couldn't get enough of her beautiful wedding ring...
My oh my how her eyes were twinkling at the thought of having her own "princess ring" one day. Goodness gracious that IS going to happen one day. 
No, no, no... lets not dwell on these "growing up" thoughts- I'm going to get emotional. 
Moving on...
Those eyes were twinkling I tell you! 
"Rachel, who are you going to marry when you grow up?"
"My prince."
Good answer.
I love afternoons like these. 
Now, to go get me some flowers. Just kidding... sort of. My husband is deployed you know. hahaha! 
Back to the corner.


Unknown said...

Haha I love this post! It makes me laugh a lot... especially the "Back to the corner." And your Nana looks very classy, those people are right :)Hope you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

I totally hear you on the pedicure thing! :) Best idea ever! And your girls are so sweet! I really can't get over how much of a little lady Rachel has become! And Miss Maggie just looks huge! You have such a wonderful little family! :)

Mary Anne said...

Yes, the "I deserve husband is deployed" is my FAVORITE! Used that excuse in my little head before :) Pretty pretty toes!