Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Rachel's Special Date

We left Miss Maggie at home with Pop so that Rachel, Nana, and I went to the movies! A new princess calls for a girl's day out don't ya think?  
Oh these two... I can just see it now- Rachel calling up my Mom,
"Nana my Mom is driving me crazy! She won't let me ______ or she does this ______ or she told me this_______." 
We weren't dead set on naming our little girl Rachel, but the spirit told us otherwise. She was definitely meant to be a Rachel. These two are like two pees in a pod. Rachel is lucky to have this amazing woman in her corner...
Let's make this a real date... candy anyone? 
Rachel was so pumped!!! Candy?! I forgot to sneak a bunch in my purse so we splurged on some peanut M&Ms...
I'm going to pass a piece of advice on... Do not show up on time. 
After 20 minutes of previews Rachel was yelling, "I want to get out of here! I want to go home!" Goodness gracious. 
(in a very stern voice while forcing her onto my lap and whispering in her ear-) "You have two choices, we can go sit in your hot carseat or you can stay in here and watch the movie."
Reluctantly she muttered, "I'll watch the movie."
Good choice.
haha! Next time we'll just show up after the previews. Once the movie got started it was all good, so I'd say it was a success. And the movie was great; Disney never disappoints. ;) 

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Pop and Nana said...

I love our girl's day out. I can't wait for many more to come!!!