Monday, June 4, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

I'm going to admit something here--- Sometimes I lock myself up in my room when I'm on the phone with a friend. What is it about phone calls that warrants several "Let's go get Mom" episodes? Anyway, this time I didn't lock myself up in my room. Instead they played together. Yep, they actually played nicely together during a phone call. It was like I was never on the phone at all! It was a good moment.
 As soon as I hung up, this is what I found...  
Still wearing her peanut butter and jelly sandwich on her face...
And then, I decided to join them. 

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Mary Anne said...

I have been SO OUT OF THE BLOG LOOP! Just catching up on your blog and I still LOVE IT! Your pictures are so fabulous. Your writing is so funny. Your stories are the best! My blog has turned into Blah-ville. At least I can come and read yours for a reminder of what a fun blog is :)

Hope you are well my friend!