Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tell Me Something

When Tyler and I get the chance to talk we hit the "musts" topics first. You know, things like bills, tithing, how much I spent on car repairs, our next trip plans, insurance questions, why I can't get some darn contraption to work... blah blah blah. Then there's the mushy stuff... I'll spare ya'll those examples, haha. After that time is usually up, but sometimes it's not. Then there's a silence that comes. 
What do we talk about now?
It's funny how you can miss someone so much and then not know what to talk about. A few hours ago I could have come up with a million things I want to say. Now, I haven't a clue. 
That's when Tyler says, "Tell me something funny the girls did today." 
I can do that.

Here's a little something... Maggie loved the slide at the park yesterday. It's a very tall slide, especially for a little rascal like Maggie. But she's always up for the challenge. After about ten times of going up and down the slide she decided she needed more thrill. She must be my daughter. She'll be skydiving in no time. Anyway, that's when she started poking her head over the edge of the slide. The girl was about to give me a heart attack. I just knew she'd lean in far enough to flip over. Instead she decided to try and run down the slide instead of sit on her bottom. Again with the heart attack thing. What has happened to me? Having children has made me soft. You've gotta believe me though, it was a tall slide.

Don't be fooled by this sweet face, she's a wild one...Photobucket

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Anonymous said...

So cute! :) And I totally know that have a million things to say until you actually can say them and then you have nothing to talk about! Oh well, you're halfway done right? He'll be home before you know it!