Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Feel the Need...

...The Need For SPEED!!!

   It was bound to happen one day. Road Biking!
Cyclists have a name for newbie riders and that name is Fred. My aunt Susan (aka- IRONWOMAN) agreed to show this Fred the ropes. 
This amazing woman has so much triathlon knowledge- it's sick! And the best part? She loves me enough to share that knowledge. As a matter of fact she took me swimming tonight. Holy Smokes! It was fun!!! Golly, there's so much more to swimming than I thought! I joked with her that a wrestler in a pool is like a cat in water. And that's exactly how I felt before tonight. This cat turned into a FISH! Well, sorta. However, I'm certain I'll do better in my next race.
New spiffy shoes!!! 
Thanks for everything Susan! Love YOU! Can't wait for the next ride!


Sutherland Family said...

Susan is definitely awesome! And so are you!

Anonymous said...

Nate says he's jealous his wife doesn't roadbike! ;) Haha, I guess now I have no excuses!