Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Splashin' Good Time!

"And she just doesn't know, should she stay should she go?" 
"But YES the Maggie!" 
(sound familiar? Sandra Boynton books are favorites in our house)
Rachel on the other hand squeals at the sight of water! She'd wear her bathing suit all day if I let her. 
Joy, complete JOY...
I love this face! I've found that the only thing Maggie is cautious of is water. 
"Woe, look at those kids playing in that water..."
A-ha! There she goes! 
As you can see, once she's warmed up to the idea there's no stopping her. Who wants a sippy cup when you can have a fountain? 
And one of the Mom's from the playgroup brought chocolate milk boxes in a cooler! Talk about cool Mom award. 
Rachel was in heaven...

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Mary Anne said...

Jess, what fun you are having over there in Texas! Your girls are so lucky!