Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where I Come From- Lynn County Line

While the girls and I where Lubbock, we looked up my Great Great Aunt- Mary Lou. I have met her a few times in my life, but have heard about her far more often than that. Although she is my Great Great Aunt, she is actually the same age as my Nana- such a sweet lady. In fact, they grew up together like sisters. 
Same town, same school, same basketball team.
We went out to dinner and got reacquainted. Here's Rachel and Mary Lou enjoying their ice cream...
After dinner we headed over to Mary Lou and Rayburn's house to play. The girls had a grand time in their beautiful backyard. Don't you just love that chicken feeder flower garden?
"Hey, get back over here and take a picture with me!"
Swingin with Mary Lou...
Maggie decided it'd be a good idea to taste the rocks...
Maggie got such a reaction out of Mary Lou and I that Rachel had to give it a try too,
Can you tell she likes attention?
We had such a good time chatting and playing with Mary Lou. I loved asking her questions about her and my Nana back in the "good ole' days". I got this comfortable feeling around her. You would think that visiting distant family might be a little weird, but everything about it felt natural and easy. Kind of like making cookies on a Sunday afternoon.
My Nana was raised in a tiny town south of Lubbock called New Home, Texas. According to the 2000 census, it is home to only 320 people. Now that is a small town.
Good ole' Lubbock and it's windmills...
Rachel Lynn was named after her Momma, Jessica Lynn.
Jessica Lynn was named after her Nana, Virginia Lynn.
And Virginia Lynn was named after the county she was born in-
Lynn County.
Now that's country. I had to pull over on the highway and take a picture. Look! I found Lynn County.  Miles and miles of Texas farmland...
My Great Grandfather served in the 5th Armor Divison during World War 2. During the War, my Nana stayed with Mary Lou. Likewise when times were tough for Mary Lou's family, she stayed with my Nana. Mary Lou told me that she still remembers they each would wear one of their own shoes and one of the others shoes to school. 
They really are sisters.
Easter 1956
(Nana-15 Mary Lou-18)


B 'n T said...

I love this kind of family history and that your girls get to experience it--glad you stayed!! Cute braids, too. :)

Josh and Denise said...

I love that your middle name is after a Texas county! I remember looking at a list of Texas towns with Erica in search of the perfect child's name! Haha. I love these pictures. You're. So. Dang. Talented! How on earth do you choose which ones to print?

Kate said...

Family is wonderful, no matter how distant or disinterested. I love the picture of the two sitting on the couch. It was a different era back then; I wonder what our kids will think of the world we grew up in.

Pop and Nana said...

Nana and Pop loved this post-gave us a wonderful feeling to see how you connected your family with Mary Lou and NanaNana. Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

I've always been so nervous to try to get in touch with distant family, but it'd be so fun! History of families is amazing... I'm glad you girls had fun :) I love where Rachel is grabbing Maggie to come back haha, that's adorable.