Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Doghouse Sprint

I completed my first ever TRIATHLON! Yep, I did it. 
My sister-in-law mentioned to me a while back that she was going to do a triathlon. I thought, "Hey! I've always wanted to try one of those!". So I asked her if I could join her, and thus it began. I think I was pretty foolish in training for this one. First off, I went on my first swim in years back in January. Since then- nothing. I have never ridden a rode bike before except twice around the block. However the running- that I could do. 
Despite being totally unprepared, I had a blast. Here are the distances:
500 meter swim
17.6 mile bike
 5K run

So funny story- It was dang cold that day! Just about everyone had on wetsuits except for us. The lady in charge of marking the athletes proceeded to tell us that we will get hypothermia if we get in that water and that they'll have to pull us out. Really? Who says that? Thanks a lot lady! I'm completely freaked out now! goodness gracious. 
We watched as the the Olympic distance triathletes went first... no-one seems to be dying or getting hypothermia, haha... 
I decided it'd be "smart" to jump in and get used to the water first... yeah- not so much. It was COLD. I'm pretty sure Tawnya thought I was crazy getting in so early, but she was a buddy and did some squats with me to keep warm. haha! There is something hilarious about this picture! We look like old ladies with those swim caps on! Such dorks.
Let's just say that swimming was the most challenging part of the race for me. I stink at swimming. Golly, it's bad. At the very beginning of the race I swallowed a whole bunch of water and immediately began to panic. But I didn't die! Seeing as I didn't train at all for the swim, I had no idea just how short 500 meters would feel. I remember seeing the shoreline thinking, "Really Jess, you panicked? You're already done." Oh well, like I said, I didn't die. Oh and that crazy lady was so wrong! The water felt get after the first few strokes! No hypothermia!
The bike ride was a ton of fun, and definitely the coolest part of the triathlon. I thought so anyway. 
And the run to the finish...
Tawnya: "I was wondering when you'd cross that finish line!"
Me: "I totally freaked out in that lake! But I didn't die!" 
We didn't really say that but close enough! haha...
Yeah, we're tough...
We did it! 
What's next?


Unknown said...

Congratulations!! You're awesome Jessica! Way to be an insanely great athlete! I'm way impressed :)

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I think a triathalon would be soo fun! Good job! :) You really are an inspiration!

B 'n T said...

Hey, hey, I'm lookin' at your blog, Jess! :) And you posted "the" picture!! Just kiddin--I just look like I'm 90, is all. Thanks for coming to Lubbock, running the triathlon with me, and taking such cute pics of our family!! (and for inspiring me to get caught up on my blog-hee, hee)

Fancy Schmancy said...


Mary Anne said...

You're an animal! Glad you didn't die. Or get hypothermia. I love triathlons!