Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Minute Surprise!

Friday morning I got a text message from Monica that read, "I'm in Dallas for the day. Can I see you?" !!!!!!!WHAT!!!!!!! Of course!  
I live a hour from Dallas but I had to figure out something! I called Sis. Mac and started scheming a plan. I was so grateful to Grandma for watching the girls for me. That sure would have been a long night. Man, it was a great night. 
We went out to dinner and then off to Braums... yummmm yummmm... definitely not the most attractive picture of me. But that's me. What can I say? Braum's brings out the best in people. ;)
You are all probably asking...Who are all these people? Who is Sis. Mac? 
Well, let me tell you- Sis. Mac was Monica and I's young womens president. She is DA BOMB! (I restort back to my 14 year old self when talking about Sis. Mac... haha) She is another one of those guardian angels I've mentioned. Seriously, she takes such good care of me. We have our get-togethers- she invites me over to her place to do crafts, we take the girls to the park, go to chick-fil-a, and once she even came out to hickville and gave me a "care package". I want to be her when I grow up. Any more questions? 
Awww! The clan together again! And we're grown up now! weird. I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing YW president. Who knew our paths would cross again?
 Only Monica can rock pink highlights. Do you think I could pull it off? I'm thinking turquoise... {just kidding! sort of.}
The whole group! Monica and I actually babysat those kids! Man, how time flies!

What an amazing surprise! I'm ready to do it again. How about next month same time. 

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Sis Mac said...

That was a fun night! I love you girls to pieces and would do anything for you. My kids had a great time too.