Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Barrow Family Reunion Part One: Torrey Pines Trail

I know. I know. It has taken me two months to catch up on this! But here we go, the beginning of the Barrow Family Reunion 2011 Series! Get Excited.
 First of all- We finally had a reunion outside of Texas! WOW! And can you guess where?! 
San Diego, California!
 Holy Smokes I was so pumped! It was GORGEOUS too. As I was getting off the plane and looking outside for the first time I thought to myself, "This is a happy place! It looks like the trees are dancing!" So beautiful- for this Texas girl at least. Don't get me wrong, Texas is a beautiful place, but it has to grow on you a bit.  Stepping foot in a place like San Diego takes no getting used to at all. Pure happiness. I'm going to warn everyone now- I did the best I could photographing all the events, however I missed a lot chasing after my two munchkins. I hope this will suffice.  

Now for part one- The Hike.
Not everyone choose to do the hike, but those who did sure enjoyed it. It was short and sweet- just right for me and my little ones.  

   Checking out the map. Who know's where we're going?
And we're off! Can I trade spots with Rachel? That ride sure looks nice. 
Blurry photo but so cool! I LOVE hummingbirds. I believe this one is a Anna's Hummingbird. Could be wrong though. 
Kenzie and Ben
So pretty.   
The hiking group...

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