Sunday, November 28, 2010

Take that sewing machine!

I finally finished Rachel's Christmas present! I can't wait to see the reaction Christmas morning. I must say I'm pleased with how it turned out.  It felt good to conquer my sewing phobias... it doesn't take 10 minutes to remember how to thread the bobbin anymore! WHOOP!


Josh and Denise said...

AWESOME!!! It turned out so fun!!! Can I come over and play with Rachel in it while you and Maggie take a nap?!
-love love love, denise

Anonymous said...

Holy heck Jessica! That is soooo AWESOME! :) It looks really great! I'm sure Rachel will LOVE it!! Good job!

Unknown said...

I'm so impressed! Sewing has turned into a big phobia for me as well and I'm still a little nervous to brave it. But you didn't just brave it and make something simple, you made a tent! And a really cool one at that! I'm sure Rachel's going to love it!