Sunday, November 21, 2010

Football Fever

Football is a huge deal in my family.  It always is. Every Saturday from September to January is packed full of college football.  It has been this way ever since I could remember.  Everyone in the house knows not to call, disrupt, or ask stupid questions during the LSU football game, or else Dad will bite your head off. Correction: My dad just informed me that it's okay to text. ha-ha. The funny thing is, I'm being completely serious.  If we won we could all be happy, if we lose we all stay away from Dad for a while.  
When I went off to Texas A&M I never thought I'd be able to root for a team not wearing purple and gold.  Well, I was wrong.  Sorry Dad, I bleed maroon!  I am a full fledged, fightin Texas Aggie!!! WHOOP!!!!  I love being an Aggie.  There is simply nothing like it, and there is no explaining it- you've just gotta go and see for yourself.  
That being said-  WE BEAT THE HELL OUTTA #8 NEBRASKA last night!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the Aggie football team is back- wrecking crew and all.  Last night Kyle Field went over it's maximum capactiy with a record breaking 90,079 people! Amazing.  I wish Tyler and I could have been there. 



I have one thing left to say...



Shelley said...

Wasn't that the best game? It was so nice to see the Aggies actually play well!

Cari said...

YES!!!!!!!!! I love this post. I completely agree, my family is from New Orleans too and I understand far too much to ask my parents a question during LSU or Saints football. I'm glad we are Aggies and Cajuns Jessica :)

My dad wore a A&M shirt today to the hospital, and atleast 5 people said Gig 'Em to him. I love A&M and Aggies

Rachel looks so cute in the hat