Friday, November 19, 2010

Mountain Man

Yesterday was the day.  The day I've been waiting for for the past month- Did he pass the first phase?  
YES, He did!
I can't describe the feeling... I felt sooooo... light.  Like a huge weight had been lifted off of me.  I think I even contemplated jumping on the scale! THAT didn't last long! Ha! Seriously though I can't even explain it- it was certainly more than a feeling. 

Today was his 8 hour pass. I don't even know how to do today justice.  I will try.  All last night I slept with my phone.  I knew he wouldn't call until the next day, but I just couldn't help it.  I was so excited.  Then the morning came.  I stalled as long as I could... watching cartoons, doing laudry, doing dishes... then Rachel and I made our way to the gym, when we were through with that it was only 9:30! AHHH!  So, when we got home I blasted some country music and threw all the toys out of the toybox and tried to focus on anything but the lump of a cell phone in my pocket. Didn't work.  Needless to say, the phone call finally came.  It was amazing to hear his voice.  The things he told me.  The things he has been through.  I knew it would be tough, but when you hear about it from him, you just can't imagine.  I'm so happy that he passed. What gratitude I feel!  What a great thing to celebrate!  Especially around Thanksgiving.  
Hanging up the phone for the last time tonight was so hard, but it was time.  Time to get back to work.  I don't know what it is about Ranger School.  Sometimes I think there is no explaining it.  Way to Go Tyler! Don't let the Bastards get you down.  You'll be home in no time. 



I just love this picture.  A friend of mine took it at IBOLC graduation this summer.  These two have been buddies since fish year at Texas A&M.  I think he looks so handsome in that uniform! very classy. :)

If you wanna send some love to the mountains here's his new address:
2Lt William Tyler Payne
5th Ranger Training Battalion
RN#358, Company B
Camp Frank D. Merrill
Dahlonega, GA 30533


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! Time seems so slow when you're waiting for something! I'm glad you got to hear from him! :) He'll be home before you know it!!

Devin said...

so proud of him!!! so proud of you too Jess! You both are strong, admirable people. Love you guys

Mary Anne said...

He WILL be home in no time! You've got this girl! Proud of you both. He's doing great and so are you. Hang in there!

erica said...

Congrats to Tyler! I am so happy to hear the news. Hang in there, Jess! "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. . ."

Jeni said...

Very very very very cool!!!! & yes, he does look so handsome, that brother of mine!! What a sweet supportive wife you are!! Hey, can he receive a package, or just letters? Anywho, very very very very cool!!

Tyler and Jess said...

thanks jeni- yeah, only letters