Thursday, February 27, 2014

Luke's Blessing Pictures

Taking these pictures had been giving me anxiety for weeks! Weeks I tell you! I wanted them to be outside and every time the weather was nice enough, we had a million other things going on! Thank goodness I got these before he grew out of his blessing outfit. 
On our way home from this photo shoot I was feeling super bummed thinking I didn't get any good ones. It just got dark so quickly! 

But as soon as I got home and got them on the computer, I realized that I was so wrong!
I love them! They definitely have a different sort of hue to them. The sunset was particularly orangey on this day. But, I just adore them.

I can't tell you the feeling that comes over me when I look at these pictures. 
They make me cry with happiness and joy. 
I love being a Mother. 
But not just any Mother. 
I love being Luke's Mother.
 photo DSC_8667-Recovered_zpsc9c1a75d.jpg
A little bit of guilt is mixed in my feelings as well. I so suffered emotionally during this pregnancy. I was constantly thinking, "Is this really going to be worth it?".
Without a doubt. Best decision and worth it ALL.
 photo DSC_86712_zps2078dbde.jpg
This little guy has always been there for me.
I have felt his spirit during races and during hard personal times. 
He's a mighty one he is!
 photo DSC_8639copy_zpsb02d7578.jpg
That may sound silly to you, but it's true.
I've ALWAYS wanted a little boy. 
And I've ALWAYS known I'd get one. ;)
Hopefully two. Did I just say that out loud? hehe.
 photo DSC_86331_zps6ea5353a.jpg
I love this smile!!!!! 
He's just beside himself with laughter! I can hear it when I look at this picture!
 photo DSC_8634copy_zps9814da08.jpg
He loves his Daddy.
 photo DSC_8616copy_zpse6fd3809.jpg
Money shot. Love the light. Love the clarity. Love that smile!
 photo DSC_8627-Recovered_zps30787306.jpg
This is one of my favorites. 
He looks like such a little man in this one...
 photo DSC_8591copy_zps18176a10.jpg
"What's Mom going to make us do now?"
Tyler: "I don't know son. But you'll get used to it."
 photo DSC_8749copy_zpsc800241e.jpg
Drool= Mommy swooning
You don't have to understand it. haha!
 photo DSC_87282_zpsa2b8332a.jpg
I love this series! These are the ones I thought would be trash. The sun was just about gone.
But nope. They are the BEST!
 photo DSC_8704copy_zps14ad007e.jpg
 photo DSC_8684copy_zps24efc138.jpg
I just love that little baby profile!
 photo DSC_8715copy_zps46188be2.jpg
 photo DSC_8719copy_zps84b7e740.jpg
These may all look the same to you... but they are NOT. 
So different.
Handsome boy...
 photo DSC_8723copy_zps0d0220e8.jpg
Kiss me face...
 photo DSC_8724copy_zps2a25bd23.jpg
Pure joy face.
 photo DSC_87182_zps1a7b7229.jpg
Thank goodness for Texas sunsets
 and handsome baby boys!!!


Sarah said...

I'm in love Jess! He is perfect in every way. Your family is a beautiful blessing.

Pop and Nana said...

Wow Luke looks bright and happy!! And of course adorable in every way. So many pictures to choose we are having a hard time picking the one for our wall. We'll just take them all!! Lol

Glen and Kris Payne said...

what great shots! He could not be any cute. Your love for him glows in every word.

Mary Anne said...

Oh these are so so fabulous!!! He is a dream! You did so great capturing him. What a lucky boy he is to have you! Such a great family :)

Josh and Denise said...

I love these! Love love love!