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doTERRA Essential Oils Part One: "Shouting From the Rooftops!"

I remember this moment so clearly--- I was up in the wee hours of the morning feeding Luke and I had a peaceful Mom moment. Instead of drifting in and out of sleep from pure exhaustion like I do most nights, I was thinking of all my many blessings and counting them one by one

And then it came.  A thought- an urge even to become a doTERRA Essential Oil sharer. I have been extremely shy about the fact that I use them. In fact, most of my close friends and family don't even know I use them! I'm not one to try and "sell" or "push" products on people. That has just never come naturally to me. But as I have used Essential Oils over the past year, I've decided that it's time to buck up and be a sharer. 
Because honestly, these oils are just too good to keep to myself.

"So Jess, what's so great about Essential Oils?"
DoTerra_zps3c2b3c4a photo DoTerra_zps3c2b3c4a.jpg

I'm so glad you asked!!! haha! I little education goes a long way in the use of Essential Oils, so please stick with me as I give you a little background lesson. 

First off, when I first heard about Essential Oils I thought to myself--- "That's hippie stuff!" and "That's what we have doctors for!".  
So, by no means am I out to fight against modern medicine. I need it. I use it. I take my children to the doctor. I am so grateful for doctors!
That being said I hate taking medicine or giving it to my family for any and every little thing. I hate not knowing what to do when I'm up late with a coughing, feverish baby. 
Essential Oils have enabled and empowered me to take charge of my family's health by using natural remedies/preventative healthcare. 
I am a Mom and I'm shouting it from the rooftops- 

"So what are Essential Oils exactly?"

DoTERRA in Latin literally means "Gift of the earth." So you can think of these oils like nature's medicine.
These oils:
-Support your body by minimizing symptoms and addressing root causes.

-Are one of the most effective forms of natural medicine. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants. They are essential to the life of the plant and to us. Plants are used in many different ways for helping and healing, but the most concentrated way to use them is in the form of essential oils. 

-Essential oils have hundreds of molecular compounds. For example, lavender has over 200 known compounds...meaning it has a myriad of healing properties. You may wonder how lavender can heal many different problems (which may be completely unrelated to each other...burns, allergies, bug bites, sleep, etc.), and the reason is because of its many molecular compounds. And you can't reproduce THAT in a lab. 

-Essential oils are used safely and without harmful side effects (great news for everyone, and especially pregnant ladies!). 

-They cost pennies per dose, can be administered in your own home (less trips to the doctor's office? YES please!), no co-pays or time wasted at the doctor's office. 
 photo naturesmedicine.jpg
Essential Oils are Powerful:
-They are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.
-They inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses (that's more than your average antibiotic can say).
-They enter the bloodstream within 30 seconds. 
-They are the plant's own natural medicine cabinet.

doTERRA Essential Oils are 100% Pure
-Essential oils are derived from plants by extraction processes. The most commonly used is a steam distillation process. The other is a cold pressed extraction process. Many companies produce or use essential oils, but not all essential oil products are equal. In fact, some could be very toxic and harmful to our bodies.

There are different grades and it is important to be aware of the distinctions.
-The lowest grade of essential oils are synthetic. They are produced in labs that have copied the components of the oil. These oils are very low quality and are used in lotions and perfumes.
-Next are food grade essential oils. These are used to flavor foods like lemon in salad dressings or cinnamon chewing gum.
-The next grade, intended for a health benefit, is therapeutic grade. This has held the standard in the essential oil industry for the last 30 years. These are the oils that are found in health food stores and used in the health industry. These oils have served well, but now things are even better.

DoTERRA has established a new standard in essential oils called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (orCPTG). DoTERRA set this standard by demanding the highest quality in all aspects of growing, processing, and distributing essential oils. DoTERRA is committed to obtaining oils from the original source. So they buy oils from growers that they select, train and monitor from all over the world. For example, Lavender comes from France and Frankincense comes directly from Oman. After the oils are obtained, they are processed in the manner best suited to that plant. Then they undergo third party testing in two independent labs to certify each batch of oil is pure. There are no synthetics, impurities or chemicals. If a batch does not meet this high standard, it does not make its way into bottles.

"Once I get my hands on them, how do I use them?"
1. Aromatically! All you have to do is take a whiff! They can also be diffused into the air effecting all the people in your home.
2. Topically! This is my favorite way and frankly the only way I used oils for a long time. Simple rub the oils on the forehead, tummy, bottoms of feet, ears, chest, or back of the neck. Application to the bottoms of the feet enter the bloodstream and affect the entire body in less than 30 seconds. No, I'm not kidding. :)
3. Internally! Take under the tongue, in a gel capsule, in water, or in food.

We put them on the kids every night before bedtime. Here I am actually putting some Lavender on Luke's jawline. It really seems to help with teething and settling down for a good nights sleep.
 photo DSC_8929copy_zps158db103.jpg
The girls LOVE my oils. They love how they smell and feel. 
Happy feet ready for a little OnGuard doTERRA oil! (I'll speak more of specific oils later but just so you know we don't go a day without OnGuard! LOVE IT!)
 photo DSC_8965copy_zps3a0d34db.jpg

"Alright! I'm ready to learn more!"
I was hoping you'd say that! hehe! Because I'm ready to share more! I'd like to share my experiences with doTERRA Essential Oils with you! I'd like to share what I have in my medicine cabinet with you! I'm new to doTERRA and still have lots and lots to learn but I'd love to invite you to come and learn with me! Let's share our Essential Oil knowledge and shout from the rooftops together! 

I will be holding my first doTERRA class at my home on    Thursday, April 3rd at 8pm.
 (hopefully that will give you all a chance to tuck the kids in bed and come on over.)

To all those who plan on attending, please facebook message me or email me at and I will send you my address! And for those of you reading this from faraway places (like Houston... or Dallas haha), I would love to share more information with you! Just give me a ring or email me and we'll make a plan. ;) 

Thank you all for reading and stopping by!
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Mary Anne said...

I love this! And I love essential oils too!! I'll shout with you. :) so excited that you are having a are going to rock it! Share the doTERRA awesome! Love the pictures of our cute kiddos too! Happy oil feet!