Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Luke's Blessing Day

There's something about blessing days- they always turn out to be the best days ever. 
There's a spirit of testimony in the air and I can feel the strength and happiness of our tiny little addition to the family. With each of my kids I've gotten glimpses of their strengths and characteristics on this day. I think of all they will do and achieve. I think of where their journey will take them. I think of all the talents they will develop. I feel so blessed to be their Mommy and witness and help them along. Gosh, I'm grateful to be a Mom.

Luke's blessing outfit. I'm obsessed with it. So soft, yet manly. I adore the bowtie. ;)
 photo DSC_7920_zps670a9b38.jpg
There he is--- taking a nap before his big day begins!
I could watch him sleep all day.
 photo DSC_7921_zps23d6210e.jpg
Our first family picture as a family of 5! Woohoo! 
Sometimes I look around and go, "Where'd these kids come from?" "Tyler, what's going on here?" 
It's crazy how time flies.
 photo DSC_7963_zps81bc8e22.jpg
Gorgeous sisters in their fancy Christmas dresses!!!
 photo DSC_8149copy_zps9eaed1bf.jpg
After church bouncing on the tramp... gotta get those wiggles out!
 photo DSC_7978copy_zpsa744dae3.jpg
Getting ready for Mommy's famous red beans and rice dinner! 
It was delicious. 
 photo DSC_7993copy_zps386b1dd4.jpg
Pop and Luke
 photo DSC_8011_zps54f455fe.jpg
The whole crew who made it to the blessing! 
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING! We felt so grateful to have ya'll here!
 photo DSC_8005copy_zps37f5f810.jpg
I never manage to get all the pictures I want on days like these. I somehow managed to get this one but not one with Luke and both sets of grandparents! BAH! Sorry guys, I'll get my act together one of these days! 
Luke was just about the freak out... he was so tired here! haha! Just a few more pictures little guy...
 photo DSC_8021copy_zps53c3c60f.jpg
haha! He was so finished! But we've got to get one with Mom and Dad!
 photo DSC_8030_zps29cc75a3.jpg
This one cracks me up!
 photo DSC_8033_zps1720de7f.jpg
Tyler caught a couple with me and Luke- thanks babe!
 photo DSC_8060_zpsdcd9087e.jpg
One of the overwhelming characteristics about Luke that was felt all day was simply his happy spirit.
He smiled and laughed all through his blessing. So much so that it totally distracted Tyler! haha! 
Joy just pours out of this little guy. 
I so grateful to have him in our family!!!!
 photo DSC_8070_zpscde7234e.jpg


Pop and Nana said...

Your post made my day! You and your family are such blessings to your Daddy and I. Love ya lots and lots.

Glen and Kris Payne said...

That was one great day!! Let's do it again - LOL! You really do have live a very blessed life!!!