Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ice, Ice, Baby!

We've had several ice days here in Austin this winter! The whole city pretty much shuts down when this happens. Which means- Eggs, bacon, and biscuits for breakfast and Daddy gets to stay home! YAY!
The girls loved breaking up the ice on the trampoline...
 photo DSC_8316copy_zps2bc1039f.jpg
"This is so cool!"
 photo DSC_8354copy_zps4dcaf7ad.jpg
This was probably their favorite! They got going pretty fast!
 photo DSC_8379copy_zpsa4fdf676.jpg
Sliding down the driveway with Dad... the girls had a blast.
Once we got frozen through, we all came in for some hot chocolate.
Austin, you can have as many ice days as you want.
Jess Payne
 photo DSC_8414copy_zpsd0cb47be.jpg

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Josh and Denise said...

I love those outfits....definitely little texans!