Monday, February 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

So the plan for Christmas Eve was to make homemade pizza... but 5 o'clock rolled around far faster than planned, so we headed to Fuddruckers instead. ;)
The girls certainly didn't mind...
 photo DSC_7770copy_zps77cda7ed.jpg
My little baby enjoying the view from his carseat... I can't believe how much he's grown since then!
 photo DSC_7778copy_zpsd64c2e5f.jpg
I caught this picture of my man... I'm so in love with him. And this picture. ;)
 photo DSC_7780copy_zps7b04ca28.jpg
After dinner we drove around and looked at Christmas lights!
One street was just amazing so the girls and I got out of the car and walked around while Daddy and baby stayed warm in the car.
So magical... I love Christmas.
 photo DSC_7784copy_zps62a44ba3.jpg
Love this one of Maggie...
 photo DSC_7786copy_zpse9a56e1d.jpg
Who would have guessed! Santa was there! And here they are putting in some last minute Christmas wishes...
 photo DSC_7801copy_zpsf79ac003.jpg
Such a happy memory recorded. I'm SO glad we have these pictures!
 photo DSC_7791copy_zps136e4648.jpg
After this we headed home and read the "Cajun Night Before Christmas" and the Christmas Story from Luke... and then we sent the kids off to bed to dream..
 photo DSC_7792copy_zps4eba1024.jpg

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Josh and Denise said...

Those last 2 pictures are amazing! Seriously! Nicely done, Jess Payne!