Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Braids

I still remember the day the nurse told me that Rachel would be a girl. 
I cried. And cried. I was supposed to have boys. Only boys. 
"I can't do girls! I don't do pink! I don't do bows!" 
"I am NOT a girl Mom."
I was wrong. I can be a girl Mom. 
And, I can do french braids! This was the first time I french braided Maggie's hair. 
Look my little brunette, and my little blondey girl... 
She's growing up way too fast...
And... I absolutely love having two little girls. Imagine that!


Unknown said...

I remember that day! You are such an awesome mommy to those little girls. Heavenly Father always knows us best : )

Unknown said...

I'm so dang impressed! I can't even regular braid let alone french braid.