Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Birthday Time!!!

Miss Maggie woke to a house full of balloons and a brand new pair of cowgirl boots on her birthday! 
She was thrilled! Finally, her own pair of cowgirl boots! Something tells me that she'll still be stealing mine! haha!    
After eating her number 2 pancake, Maggie helped Momma make the big birthday cake! 
We were in Houston for a wedding on Maggie's birthday weekend, so we went ahead and celebrated at Nana and Pop's house. We spent the afternoon at a park that I still remember going to as a kid- Burroughs Park. We had a blast! The park is huge!
Daddy and Maggie went on a hunt for turtles...
"The turtle is over there?... I don't see it!"
She was in such a funny mood that day. Oh course, on her birthday! The day where I try to get lots of good pictures! Oh well...
"Where did the turtle go?"
"shhh! Don't scare the turtles!"
Riding the Dinosaur with your sister is so FUN!
Until you bonk heads... 
Haha! I couldn't help but laugh when this happened! 
What kind of mother am I? Seriously though, it was really funny.
More pictures with the leaves... What can I say? There were everywhere!
She's looking so grown up. It's killing me. STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!
Pretty girl... 
I love birthday posts. I feel like I get to swoon and coo over my babies over and over again. 
If there was such thing as a Mommy handbook, there would totally be a section that reads, "On your babies birthday you're allowed talk as much as you want about how big they're getting, how grown up they are, how cute they are... etc."
I mean LOOK at how tall she is! haha! 
Go ahead and roll your eyes. I just can't get over it. 
Dear Maggie, 
I can't imagine my life without you. I think of the past two years and all I think is craziness! Life has been a whirlwind! There were days when I'd come and get you out of your bed in the morning and I knew that it would be a good day, just because I got to play with you. Thank you for all your hugs, kisses, and cuddles. And thank you for always coming and beating up Daddy and yelling "Leave Mommy alone!!!" when we're wrestling- it always makes me feel so loved! 
Happy Second Birthday Maggie!


Heather said...

What a big and beautiful little girl she's growing up to be! Happy Birthday to Maggie!!

Meredith Murdock said...

She is getting so big!! What pretty girls you have : )

Shelley said...

The picture after they bonked heads is classic. I'll admit it made me laugh!