Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fall Baby

Maggie is my fall baby. 
She is sweet. 
She is squishy.
She is fast.
She is a tease.
She is a sweetheart.
She is tough.
She is a princess.
She is a mess.
And now she is a TWO year old!  Holy Smokes!
She makes me happy. 
All. day. long.
I mean look at this...
 doesn't that just make you smile? ;)
I can't believe she is two. 
But believe me she is definitely a two year old. Just come over to the house and see for yourself. 
One day it just happened- TWO. Fiestyness has reached a whole new level.
Let's play in the leaves!!!
 The crunchy, colorful, floaty leaves!
Can't you just feel the competition in air when you look at this picture?
Never underestimate the little one...
 she's pretty scrappy.
HOORAY for fall leaves!!!
That's quite a handful! 
Now throw them in the air!!!
Rake them leaves sister!
"Okay girls, on the count of three we'll all throw up our leaves...."
one... two... THREE!!!! 
I love what entertainment you can muster up with children. 
Leaves- that's all you need.
I think she could have done this for a long long time... but we had a birthday party to plan, a cake to bake! And she certainly didn't object to that! 
Golly, I could eat her up. And I do- all the time. 
And then she makes that "arghhh! Mom get off me sound". 
Oh that sound! It never stops us Mommies.
I love you Maggie Ila, I love you more than you'll ever know... 
You are my sunshine. I'm such a lucky Mommy.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! What a fun idea for a mini fall photo shoot! :) You've got some cute girls!!