Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Hero

Daddy, this post is just for you. Well they are all for you, but this one especially.

I love the lighting on this picture... it looks so dreamy to me! 
Daddy- You are our hero. 
We met in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. You joined the National Guard and went to school. School ended and army life began.
 From the moment we started dating I knew what my husband being in the army went. It meant that you'd most likely be gone often and even go to war. 
Knowing all this never deterred me from choosing you. I knew that being a soldier was apart of who you are, and I absolutely love that about you. 
Thank you for serving this nation. Thank you for being an example to your family. Thank you for being our hero. 
"My Daddy is a hero like Hercules! He fights bad guys!" (she says that a lot) 
Where's Maggie is this post you ask? She was off being a llama-face! 
"Pppsfff!" (a sound something to that effect)...
Oh Maggie, you're cute even when you're being a stinker!

We love you Daddy!!!


Pop and Nana said...

What a awesome post!! I think there is another hero that wasn't mentioned---that is the Mommy in this family! We are really proud of both of you!

Mary Anne said...

Awww :) The Hercules cute. And Maggie's face with sound effect made me smile!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tyler for your sacrifice and all you do! And I agree with the first comment, Jessica you're a hero too :)