Sunday, October 21, 2012

Geauxs and Gig'ems...

The girls and I traveled down to Houston for the big Aggie-Tiger football BASH! My Grandpa and I have been trash talking for months now! We were so dang excited for the big game! So excited that we took a detour through College Station to hit the tent sales and stock up on new Aggie shirts! Not only did we get some pretty new shirts but we got to see our dear friend, Stephanie Jones. Totally worth the detour.
The moment I saw this picture it hit me like a ton of bricks... she really is a mini-me! Look at our eyes! And noses! And smiles! Holy Smokes the girl is cursed! haha!
Only traitors eat the purple and gold side... hahaha! Just kidding... sort of...
I thought that I'd once again be the only Aggie at the party, but I was gratefully wrong! Our friends from the ward came over... die-hard Aggies! They showed Rachel the ropes. As you can see she's working very hard on her "Gig'em"...
Maggie's gig'em still needs some work... haha...
The whole group!!!
Raised by Tigers and ended up an Aggie! Gosh, I love my school!!! 
And I must say, for our first year in the SEC we sure are doing great! Ya'll better watch out for us next year... it's going to happen! Aggies never give up!


Anonymous said...

I totally thought of y'all when I saw who A&M was playing! Glad you had fun with your family rivalry! :)

Sutherland Family said...

I'm dying to know who won. I know you're thinking, "How could you possibly NOT know who won" but I don't. Eagle project all day on Saturday. And statistics. So sad college football isn't happening for me this year :). So, who won??

Mary Anne said...

Ha ha I always love this about you! The giant cookie is awesome. And that picture of you and Rachel is darling! She is a mini-you...I WANT ONE OF THOSE! :) She's a lucky girl, she has one beautiful mama. Go Aggies! :) Love Maggie's Gig'em :)