Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's go for a walk...

There's something about this picture that I couldn't pass up. She is so flippin cute! It didn't matter how hard I tried to make her look up, she wanted to find rocks. We ended up finding pet rocks all along our walk.
Every time I leave for one reason or another, I bring back something special for my girls. I got that ring for her a month ago and she still wears it! For a while there she wore it every single day and would only take it off for bath time. 
I love that they like to hold hands. I remember when we found out that Maggie was going to be a girl... I was so excited... I mean over the MOON excited for Rachel to have a little sister! What I would have given to have a little sister! They are close in age. They are best friends. They protect each other. And of course there are times when they drive each other crazy. 
They have no idea just how lucky they are...
This is all that Rachel is in one picture...
Dress up clothes
Cowgirl boots
And a little sassifrass in the step...
The End.

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