Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference Sunday

On Conference Sunday Pop told Rachel that it was time to pick the lemons from the lemon tree! 
Really? Like Really, really? 
I'm allowed to pick the lemons? 
Hip Hip Hooray! 
There was no hesitation... and yes Maggie will put anything and everything on her head...    
They were tough little boogers! 
Pull pull pull...
Off it came and Rachel along with it...
On Conference Sunday we also had a marvelous breakfast! Courtesy of Pop! Homemade buttermilk biscuits, backyard honey, peppered bacon, and eggs. Delicious. 
Then the girls and I made cookies. Does anybody else eat way too much on conference weekend?
I also hung out in extra large basketball shorts and an old t-shirt... my favorite. 
Then we played Jenga...
It was a hit! Who knew?
And of course, we watched Conference. It was delightful. Conference Sundays come and go too quickly, don't they?

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Michelle and sometimes Jason said...

Perfect picture. Falling, fumbling the lemon and cute as can be.