Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year, a new beginning, a new life.

What a way to begin a new year. The big D. And I'm not talking about Dallas. I'm talking about deployment. It really began a little over a month ago, however I knew this goodbye would be much harder. Thank goodness for priesthood blessings. Thank goodness for the gospel. Thank goodness for family. Thank goodness for my two little girls. 

  kisses for Daddy
There it is...
We can do this.
blurry, but it's my favorite of the day.  She loves those walking thingys. As soon as we said goodbye she couldn't wait to run down it. Obviously she didn't realize what had just happened.  Still, she made me happy. She was an example without even knowing it.  She does that a lot. 
 I will learn to love you.
Let the good times roll.  


Cari said...

Praying for both of you!! If you ever are up in DFW let's do something! Zoo, Pedi/Mani, or whatever I would love to see you girls!!

Sutherland Family said...

Hugs from California! You CAN do this!

Pop and Nana said...

There is so much strength in your words and pictures! God bless the angels seen and not seen, watching over your family! Love Nana and Pop

Unknown said...

You're a strong woman, Jessica Payne! Definitely an example to me. I hope the time flies by for the two of you! You can do it! Love you!

Glen and Kris Payne said...

You can! And you do! And you have! and you will! I know you will because I know where you turn for help!! Love, Mom Payne