Sunday, January 8, 2012

Braums Date

Braums is THE place to get ice cream up here in north Texas.  Growing up I've always been a Dairy Queen girl and for a while there it felt like I was cheating on my best friend every time we went to Braums instead of Dairy Queen! I know want you're thinking... "It's just Ice Cream!" But, there's no JUST about it.  If I'm going to blow it, I must blow it on the best there is.  And that's Braums. So so good. Tyler loves taking the kids and I to Braums and spoiling us rotten.  And we never object!

A pair, a match, two peas in a pod these two...
All three of them.  Their faces crack me up. Rachel- total concentration, Daddy- mid-bite,and Maggie- "What new flavor is this?"
Maggie's Ice Cream Smile-
She wears it quite well, don't ya think?
messy face and big smile= success!


Tyler and Jess said...

Seeing these beautiful kids is making me homesick. I miss you guys.

Unknown said...

He's right they are beautiful! I miss Braum's... definitely the best place for ice cream.

Shelley said...

Mmmm, you're right, Braum's is delicious.

Mary Anne said...

I feel like I've never lived! Braum's? Maybe we need to make a trip to Texas :)

Pop and Nana said...

yaaahooo! Perfect time for some kisses from my hulapopper and snickerdoodle!

Kate said...

Cute ice cream faces! I had my first Braum's experience back in Nov and it was awful. Perhaps I should give it a second chance. Thanks for the posts and pictures. Hang in there!

tnthomas1 said...

We stop by your Braums every time we go to Lubbock. I personally like chocolate almond. To bad they are not in the Houston market.