Wednesday, January 11, 2012

you look so good in love...

What little girl doesn't love horses? Girls and their ponies...{sigh}... there's just nothing that can come between them. I remember I wanted a white horse with dark mane when I was a little girl. 

she could go all. day. long.
These two pictures I couldn't pass up although they were severely overexposed SOOC.  I hate when I'm not ready with my camera and miss the best moment of the evening. 
Maggie lights up when she gets to ride Glory.
pure happiness.
look Momma, I can be a cowgirl too!

this photo just exudes confidence to me... chin up and everything.
my two little cowgirls. Can't you tell they are in love?
hehe, Maggie Moo whatcha smilin' at?
I'm pretty sure this pony made Maggie's week... month even!
hahaha! This picture cracks me up. The many faces of Maggie Payne-

My little girls are in love. And I can handle it- as long as it's just ponies. ;)


Krysta said...

Hey Jess! I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I hardly ever comment, I'm not sure why. I don't find the time to read blogs regularly, BUT I just got all caught up on yours. I loved reading all of your posts! You made me laugh and inspire me. I want to go on a run. I want to laugh and remember to record all of the little things my kids do each day! You are doing such a great job! Thanks for sharing. :)

Caitlin (& Billy) said...

okay okay your girls are the cutest EVER! ahh this is such a cute post! I love that picture of Rachel with her chin up. So funny. You are such a great Mom, Jess! Miss ya!

Unknown said...

I love that face Maggie is making in that last picture! And the "chin up" one of Rachel is great! You're so good at capturing personality in the pictures you take I love it!

Mary Anne said...

That is awesome! How fun. I want to take Sadie horseback riding while Dusty is here. Love Maggie's face in that last one! What a great, clear, shot.