Wednesday, January 25, 2012


While I was pregnant with Maggie my Mom frequently bathed Rachel for me at night.  We would swap- she'd do bath time and I'd do the dishes.  It was a nice break for me. Plus bending over the tub with my big pregnant belly wasn't pleasant. Since then it is something that she always does when we visit.  It is fun to watch her play with the girls- She is much more fun than me.  Most of the time bath time is my "catch up" time.  I put the kiddos in and try to pick up the house before bedtime.  I know- boring! 
This time though, I peeked in and listened...

Rachel: "Don't wash my hair Nana!"
Maggie: "giggle" 
Rachel: "No! No! No! washing my hair!" {she ain't kidding}
Maggie: "dadaa, maammaa, aaaaaahhh!"  
Rachel:"{water muffled screams}"
Maggie: silence
Rachel: "full blown screams"
Maggie: "gotta cry if sister cries"
sidenote: I've got to admit that it's quite refreshing to know that she doesn't just do this with me. Look at that face! Oh the horror! Sometimes I tell her to imagine shes a mermaid and that mermaids love water in their eyes! haha, sometimes it works too! Obviously not this time... 
Things started looking up once they noticed the stack-able cups! All better now.
 When Nana bathes the girls they aren't the only ones who are all wet- Nana is too! There's always lots of splashing going on!  
Thanks Mom.


Pop and Nana said...

Oh, sweetie, I just love your babies!! Bath time is a FUN time even with the hair side drama.

Sutherland Family said...

That is a wonderful memory to catch! I really, really like the one with both of them crying! You have one awesome mom!

Shelley said...

Nice to know it isn't just my kids!

Mary Anne said...

I am not even joking when I say that I have a post waiting to be published (tomorrow) titled "rub a dub dub" and it is pictures of the three crazies in the tub. We are soooo on the same awesome page :) Miss you friend!

Unknown said...

Haha that looks like a very eventful bath time! I love the camaraderie between the girls - one's sad, the other gets sad, one gets happy, they both get happy!