Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm used to it.

The girls and I drove up a week early before the marathon to catch the big game- LSU vs. Alabama.  I wasn't going to let anything come between me and my Dad and Grandma's Gumbo (yep, I capitalized gumbo).  Not to mention the shrimp cocktail and hush puppies. {heaven} 
Unfortunately, the food and the company was all that was good that evening. And unfortunately considering A&Ms season, I'm used to this sort of thing. {sigh}

gotta love it... 
I thought my brother would get a kick out of this- Taylor and his white LSU shirts.  Taylor and Mike have been best friends since like... FOREVER.  We love the Thomas family.  Anyway, they are die-hard Tennessee fans and Mr. Terry watches just about as much football as my Dad.  They have attended several LSU vs. Tennessee games together. And everytime LSU goes to the National Championship Taylor wears one of these shirts--  
Geaux Tigers!
The girl yelled her head off! I caught one of the tail end of a yell- I love it!
After 5 hours in the car and about 30 people over at the house, Rachel got to stay up super late. I think its one of the only times Rachel has actually slept in. She ate a lot of cookie cake. Look at them purple teeth, haha....
I can't wait until A&M plays LSU next year! We are going to have a good time.  
SEC here we come! 


Mary Anne said...

Rachel looks as fired up as that ref on the TV! How funny. That cake (or cookie?) is funny. And I'm sure this is blasphemous to you and other LSU fans, but what's with "Geaux"? I'm assuming it's "Go" but I'd love to be in the loop as to why you spell it like that :) I know, I'm so naive.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of Rachel yelling at the TV are HILARIOUS! :) I about died laughing!! What a cutie! And hey, at least you got some good cookie cake out of the day!

tnthomas1 said...

Ha! He is keeping up with how many times LSU has been to the national championship game. That's the only time he can be for the "other" team. Mr T said at least he didn't destroy one of his good shirts, lol