Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where I Come From- My Insane Family

I have always wanted to run a marathon. Seriously, no joke. I've always wanted to! Most people think it's insane to run 26.2 miles- some even find it dumb.
That's okay though.  I come from a family full of insane marathon-running, triathlon-doing people.  I guess I'm starting to fit right in. haha!
Every time I need a boost, a little inspiration I think of them.  I think all the marathons Tricia ran while raising her beautiful family. I think of my Uncles and their insanely long weekend bike rides. I think of the all the Boston Marathons Uncle Wylie has ran.  I think of my own Daddy and the stud of a runner he was (he rides a Harley now! haha).  I think of my Aunt Susan and all the hard work and determination she had to prepare for and DO an IronMan. Oh, and there are so many more!!! They have always been an inspiration to me- in more ways than one!  

   Here's my Dad in the glory days! Look at that air-time! And there's Susan eating a sandwich during that 15 hour long IRONMAN. Incredible.
Some of my generation.  Look at Caitlin... wow, I mean- WOW! A picture really shouldn't make you this jealous! haha! And Niki under there... do you see that time?  11 minutes and 23 second 2 MILE! The girl is a gazelle. 
Hi Susan! Who knew being insane made you so happy? haha.
Cross Country Derek and Ken, Susan, and Wylie after a race...
Hot Mama Tricia during the St. George Marathon! Oow OoW! And Susan, Ken, and Diane after their Fourth of July run...
I wish I had even more pictures.  But then this blog post would never end.  Thank you everyone for sending me your pictures and letting me share them! And even more thank you for all the advice and all the pep-talks. Ya'll are the best. 

P.S- My marathon post is coming soon! I'm having difficulties with a picture I ordered. So annoying! just a little fyi.


Sutherland Family said...

Those pictures of Susan are awesome!! And your dad! Like you, I had always has a goal of running a marathon, and Mark says he always had a goal of NOT running a marathon! Haha! But he ran one with me because I needed him to. Thanks for this shout out. It was way fun! Now I can't wait to see YOUR marathon pictures. I check your blog literally every day!

Kate said...

A little wierd to see, as I know him, President Barrow, all sweaty from a run. Too cool! It is in your blood. Looking forward to the pre-race, mile-by-mile, and post-race details.

Caitlin (& Billy) said...

ok I decided to just comment on this one too- I love it! All the Barrows are so amazing...I want to be like them when I grow up! Also, I wish I still looked like I do in that picture haha :) if only...