Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dream Stroller

Yep, I got one. A Bob duallie revolution stroller. Craigslist finally came through for me. And I love love love it! Unfortunately real life for me begins in about 48 hours. {sigh} 
So until then it's time to PARTY!!!  
Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

That is sooo incredibly awesome!! :) BOB are FANTASTIC! I hope you enjoy using it! We love ours, if only it would stop snowing!! Have a great new year!!

Pop and Nana said...

i hope you have good insurance for that precious cargo!

Jessica said...

Yay!!! I ordered mine yesterday! As soon as I found I was pregnant with Brynlee I started checking craigslist for one of these babies. Never had luck!!!! I could drive to Atlanta, but it was never worth the drive. Can't wait for it to come to my door. I WILL START RUNNING AGAIN!!! You are doing fantastic Jess with all the running you are doing. Keep me inspired!!! I'll need it!

Mary Anne said...

YESSSS!!!! Look how awesome you look with it! You little skinny mini!