Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Brother is HOME!

I missed him so much. Since he's been home we've gone swimming, ate M&Ms, made cookies, watched "Man From Snowy River 1 &2", gone running, talked, listened to rock music, and next weekend we're doing the Tough Mudder together! GET EXCITED. 

Seriously Jess, how in the world did you botch this one up? It's blurry and they aren't even two years old. Oh the shame.  
My family knows how to throw a party. Period.
See that brisket there? That's what I'm talking about...
Oh my goodness and Uncle Mark made his famous ribs. They were DELICIOUS. I'm not going to lie- I poured myself a glass of root beer and microwaved those babies around midnight a few times. A dream come true. I was actually able to satisfy a rib craving at midnight! And guess who got to watch me via skype? Ah yes, my poor husband in Afghanistan. I know, I'm evil. We both got a good laugh though.
Have you noticed that my family buys a cookie cake for just about every party? Well, we do.
The bachelor picture... looks like troubles a' brewin...
This one isn't so bad... But were's the one of Mike with me? With his nieces? With his parents? With his Nana? I know, I'm a slacker. Give me a break...
Welcome Home Mike!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! :) How exciting!! I know how fun it must be to have him home!! Enjoy it!!

Caitlin (& Billy) said...

How exciting!! We were supposed to go to the festival of colors here with Mike, Travis, Tyler and Cami but ended up not going, thus not being able to see Mike :( We were way bummed. But we will get to see you guys in like 3 weeks! Woo! Also, you are doing the Tough Mudder?? I'm super jealous, I've been wanting to do that! Hopefully I'll be able to someday!