Sunday, March 11, 2012

Me and The Rachels...

Here lately I've been pulling out my camera on Sundays. The girls always look so cute in their Sunday getup's. Today my Daddy caught a good one. {thanks Dad!} 

Me and "The Rachel's"
sidenote: My Mom and I went Easter dress shopping yesterday. If you know us, Easter dress shopping is a big deal. Did we find one you ask? Nope, but we found boots. haha! I seriously never thought I'd wear something like these. But I must admit, they make me feel fancy. Fancy that.   


Obviously, Tyler and I have a thing for family names. Rachel is named after her Nana, and Maggie is named after her Great Grandmother. Oh and did we name them right! It's no secret that Rachel takes after me and Maggie takes after her Daddy. Spitting images! 

I knew long before Rachel was born that she was meant to be a Rachel. I knew that she would be fiesty, beautiful, full of faith, and strong-willed. 
Just like another Rachel I know-
 My Mom. 

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Pop and Nana said...

I sure do love that cheesy grin on my sweetie's face! Three beautiful girls-wow! I fell in love three times over! Pop