Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I hit the jackpot in the Mother-in-law department. 
She spoils my girls with love and attention. They just adore her. 
 photo DSC_5414_zps8bfd357c.jpg
She played and read books to them for hours on end.
Not mention she is way fun to talk to. ;) She always has a way of making me feel better about  how I'm doing as a wife and mother. 
Thanks for coming to visit us Grandma Payne!
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We went to the pool a few times while Grandma visited. 
Rachel is a FISH! A fishy fish FISH! 
That girl loves the water.
 photo DSC_5458_zpsad2a5d8f.jpg
She even "beat" her Daddy a few times... pretty sure her drop dead cuteness staggered him. hehe!
 photo DSC_5493_zps9574c2a0.jpg
Maggie and Grandma blew lots and lots of bubbles...
 photo DSC_5511_zpsb74ebd5e.jpg
"I did it Grandma!"
 photo DSC_5517_zps2a6c272b.jpg
Oh Maggie- You. Are. Stunning.
 photo DSC_5528_zps94c0f95d.jpg
Playing with Daddy in the pool has got to be one of the greatest moments of a child's life.
 photo DSC_5539_zpsb5af81fc.jpg
Did I tell you that back in February Rachel prayed to Heavenly Father every night and asked, "And please let Mom take me swimming."
Thank goodness for summertime.
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